Welcome to Awah Earth!

Herbs For Cosmetics

Welcome to Awah Earth!

My name is Ammar Arif. I am a pharmacist by profession and hold a doctorate in my field. Compounding natural herbal products is a passion of mine. I love plants and enjoy learning and sharing the benefits they offer to all of us. I have started this company to offer others some of my natural herbal products that I personally use. I am so confident about my products that I offer a 30 days money-back guarantee on all of them.

I have also added other great products from other local companies from USA and Canada. Most of the products I offer from other companies are natural, organic, or vegan. Please contact me if you have any questions.  

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Disclaimer: What I offer on this blog is not intended to be used as a medical reference to diagnose, treat, or prevent medical illnesses or trauma. I am not responsible for your use of the information provided by me on this blog or its consequences. If you have questions about diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a medical condition or illness, please consult a qualified physician.

Awah Earth Philosophy

Awah Earth offers hair and skin care products infused with healing herbs and refreshing fragrances, helping you not just look good, but feel good. My doctorate in pharmacy has given me a strong background in the chemical and herbal sciences, allowing me to develop products that offer the best of what science and nature have to offer. There are enough products in the market that will make you look amazing. However, most of those products have one goal, to give you result in that instant without caring about the long term effects on your body or the environment. Awah Earth products are safe for you and for the planet – now and for the long term.

In addition to making you look good, Awah Earth beauty products are designed to be nourishing for your skin and hair. Awah Earth products help the body heal and repair itself.

I try my best to source all the ingredients for Awah Earth products from natural and plant-based materials. Although, sometimes I do use safe synthetic ingredients. There are two reasons for that:

  1. The synthetic ingredient is exactly the same as found in nature. In the case of fragrances, for example, scientists have been able to replicate many natural fragrances. In addition to having the same fragrance like the one found in nature, theses synthetic fragrances are exactly the same chemically. This is the reason why most of the fragrances I use in my cosmetics are a mixture of safe synthetic and plant-based isolates. Please contact me if you have any further questions.
  2. There are no natural alternatives available. For instance, natural vitamin C is very unstable and tends to quickly break down. The stable version of vitamin C is a synthetic chemical. So, if you want to use vitamin C serum for skin, and you want it to work, you will have no choice but to use synthetic vitamin C. All the research that shows positive results with Vitamin C for skin was done using synthetic vitamin C. It has repeatedly shown to be completely safe.

If I use a synthetic ingredient in any of my products, I always mention it and will inform you of the reason why I used it. My goal is to always use natural and plant-based ingredients!!