Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust this brand?

Following are the reasons why you can easily trust this brand:

  • All products are made by a pharmacist who has a strong background in chemical and herbal sciences.
  • Our formulations are ours and unique and have premium quality. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Unlike other brands, you can directly get in touch with the formulator of all of Awah Earth's products. Click here to get in touch!
  • We make our products in small batches to ensure high quality.

Do these products have a strong herbal smell?

No. Each products is carefully made to smell good all day. You can read about fragrance of each product in the shop section.

Can I use this product daily?

All of our products are safe to use on a daily basis.

Are these products oily?

No. Every product is made with ingredients that are light and are readily absorbed.

Are these product safe to use on kids?

Yes. All of our products are made from natural and safe ingredients.